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Our Roots

Updated: Jun 19

In the big puzzle of concepts that contributed to the formation of this culture, the most ancient parts give us a clue about the nature of these practices; there is always more than you can see.

The Roots of our movement go back as far as the dawn of our consciousness and they tell a story far more interesting than the one we were told or led to believe.

We now think of music, dance, and our gatherings, or collective rituals as just a matter of fun, a way of entertainment, or dispensable customs that bring us nothing but a shallow experience, when in the beginning they were so much more than that.

These rare accidents of causality are actually tools that we developed in the need of a way to communicate and connect, in the need of becoming a whole capable of greater things.

Music and dance are the possibility of a different language parallel to the one we have with words and that is a gate to new dimensions and possibilities. While our verbal language plays a vital role in our connections and interactions, there are many different levels of communication. Some things cannot be explained with words, they can only be shown.

In the ancient mysterious philosophies, it was affirmed that music transmitted a prophetic message which revealed a higher form of life towards which humanity was supposed to evolve.

The Greeks believed that through musical language, the depths of the human consciousness could be instantly reached, with the quality that this message could be understood by all men regardless of their own peculiarities. It was believed that the phenomenon of music was developed in a mysterious space that was neither here nor there but was actually floating between spirit and matter.

This idea was inherited and preserved within different mysterious currents where it was interpreted that music was a mysterious alchemical substance that served as a messenger between different planes, above and below, space and time, spirit and matter.

Of course, these are only interpretations and in the current mindset that society imposes they seem a bit fanciful but the situation remains. Our concept of things has been washed up to become less complex, less relevant, and as in many cases it is not a coincidence. Little by little these concepts have become a caricature of themselves and almost nothing remains of what made them great and revolutionary.

We see how dance is slowly becoming a group of preset moves that people only repeat to a screen to get likes in a shitty app, or props that you can buy in a “virtual reality game” to joke around, we see How our parties or collective rituals have become the epitome of mental numbness and shallowness, we see how practices that made us capable of great things in the past are being exchanged for hedonism and ignorance. At some point, we must fight it.

If we look back in history we can see that getting together around fire to dance, make music and express ourselves is something atavic in the human being, Something almost religious that when done right, can be one the purest forms of magic and it is a necessity of our soul.

These rituals, these spaces where we get together to commune through music and dance are vital to our species and they must prevail. We must remember what was forgotten and open our minds to find what has been hidden from us. Let's find together ways of keeping this legacy of magic alive. Maybe then we’ll find the next phase.

This is Rave culture UM, Welcome to the Musical resistance.

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