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Our Legacy

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

After thousands of years of evolution, here we are, staring into the eyes of the complexity of what began as just the natural instinct of being alive.

From unicellular organisms to advanced biological machines that, without knowing why, keep moving forward in their search for what cannot be found.

As the search moves forward, our civilization evolves and our reality changes, opening new doors. Doors that hide not only new rewards but also new challenges, and so far there is no greater challenge than the one we face today.

Our struggle is no longer physical but spiritual, the human after conquering nature, now must conquer himself, for without a doubt at this point in history we have already discovered that our greatest threat is ourselves.

We may never know why our species bet on a survival trait as rare and with as little chance of success as intelligence, but what we do know is that not every way of using it means well-being. Today more than ever it is evident that we have been wrong many times in the wings of what many consider progress.

However, just as we have been wrong many times in our path of discovery, we have also found valuable treasures, hints of a better future, and a higher state of consciousness. These hints are what motivate us to continue and believe in a tomorrow worth dreaming about and their preservation should collectively be a priority.

Every certain time in history we formulate a good idea and we manage to see beyond the obvious of what tomorrow promises, every certain time a human or group of humans transcend what limits us and give way to something new, something better.

The human being is capable of creating worlds of inequality, pain, stress, depression, and loneliness, but is also capable of creating spaces of Harmony, peace, love and that is what we should focus on in these very uncertain and strange times.

Just as one day we discovered language or numbers, another day we discovered music, dance, collective rituals and what together they could achieve, giving way to what we would one day know as Rave Culture. A space formed little by little by many of these hints as a counterpart to modernity and the spiritual challenge posed by this new era of technology and industrialization.

An era in which we are connected all the time but at the same time we are lonelier than ever, in which we lose our quality of citizens or people to become users or consumers, in which our attention is no longer a possibility, but only one more product, In which our ecosystems are nothing but properties, an era in which productivity became our mantra and money our God.

Our progress advances and with it, our collective soul weakens and we gradually forget the values that led us to achieve moments of virtuosity and plenary happiness.

The Rave culture means freedom, love, joy, community, and spirituality, all through the power of music, and is our answer to this new challenge. A culture that seeks to create spaces for the art and collectivity, where everything converges to form a true oasis for the soul, where our identity flourishes and the ideas of our potential loom.

This is Rave culture UM, welcome to Musical Resistance.

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